Food Processing

Packaging is a crucial step in any food processing plant. That’s why you need to have the right equipment. But why would vacuum packaging be a good fit for you?

Extending Shelf Life
It is not a secret; vacuum packaging is meant to extend your products' shelf life. Removing the air that surrounds food slows down the growth of bacteria, allowing for longer shelf life and helping you cut down on costs related to food waste. Typically, you will be able to conserve your food 2-6 times longer (especially with modified atmosphere packaging). This means your products will have more time to reach customers along the supply chain without impacting the quality of your offering.

Vacuum packaging slows down the "ageing" of foods and enhances your products’ taste. For products such as beef and veal, colour can be conserved and the meat will remain tender over time. For other foods such as cheese, vacuum packaging can prevent the drying and moulding process, therefore ensuring the customers get what they paid for.

Using a vacuum sealer will help you adapt to fluctuating demand. You will be able to store for later use by protecting any overproduction level against exposure to air and dehydration or against freezer burn.

Vacuum packaging prevents cross-contamination of flavours and aromas and also facilitates product handling. As SMAAK machines are easy to clean thanks to their access panels, sanitation levels can be maintained to the strictest standards.

In short, vacuum packaging is a great solution for any business in the food processing industry. If you have any questions or would like expert advice, feel free to contact us.