Vacuum packaging can be a great add-on to your supermarket – it is a great tool if you have a ready-to-eat counter.

Extending Shelf Life
It is not a secret; vacuum packaging is meant to extend your products' shelf life. Removing the air that surrounds food slows down the growth of bacteria, allowing for longer shelf life and helping you cut down on costs related to food waste. Typically, you will be able to conserve your food 2-6 times longer (especially if you use modified atmosphere packaging). This means you will be able to reduce food costs in case of demand fluctuation.

Vacuum sealing can help you improve the visual presentation of your products, therefore increasing the chances of customers doing an impulsive purchase. As consumers are demanding more convenience – and food safety – portioning is now essential in your product offering. Be it sandwiches, specialty meals, deli meats or cheese, a vacuum sealer is a tool you must have to remain competitive in today’s aggressive marketplace. Nothing is better than a one-stop-shop for customers!

Vacuum packaging prevents cross-contamination of flavours and aromas and also facilitates product handling. As SMAAK machines are easy to clean thanks to their access panels, sanitation levels can be maintained to the strictest standards. This is something of the utmost importance, especially if your packaging line is facing the customer.

In short, vacuum packaging is a great solution for any grocery store. If you have any questions or would like expert advice, feel free to contact us.