Non-Food Industry

Vacuum packaging can also be applied to non-food products. It has a broad range of applications in the non-food industry. From manufacturing uses to medical ones, vacuum sealing is key in protecting certain products and avoiding contamination.

Many parts in the manufacturing industry must be protected along the supply chain to avoid any defects and facilitate handling once it reaches the customer. Vacuum sealing can help you reach this goal, especially if you are using thicker bags. It might even be a game-changer in optimizing your production line.

For the medical industry, vacuum packaging is the solution to avoid contamination or cross-contamination. It can also prevent yield loss, for example in the case of blood or water. As SMAAK machines are easy to clean thanks to their access panels, sanitation levels can be maintained to the strictest standards to ensure your customers use safe products.

Space Saving
Not only does vacuum packaging protect your goods against contaminants or during transportation, but it can also be a good method to gain space. The oxygen removal process compresses the package, all of this without damaging its content.

In short, vacuum packaging is a great solution for many businesses in non-food industries and can prove more useful than you would think of. If you have any questions or would like expert advice, feel free to contact us.