Restaurants & Hospitality

Nowadays, a vacuum sealer is essential in a kitchen as it offers multiple advantages. Whatever is most important to you, your business can definitely benefit from such equipment.

Extending Shelf Life
It is not a secret; vacuum packaging is meant to extend your products' shelf life. Removing the air that surrounds food slows down the growth of bacteria, allowing for longer shelf life and helping you cut down on costs related to food waste. Typically, you will be able to conserve your food 2-6 times longer.

Vacuum packaging slows down the "ageing" of foods and enhances your products’ taste. For products such as beef and veal, colour can be conserved and the meat will remain tender over time. For other foods such as vegetables, vacuum packaging can prevent the drying process, therefore keeping all the flavours customers are asking for.

New Revenue Streams
With vacuum sealing, prepare meal kits for your customers who want to enjoy your menu from the comfort of their home. Not only does it generate an extra revenue stream but you can also tap in a new customer base and grow your business.

Sous Vide Cooking, Portioning and Storage

We know how much operating a restaurant can be time-consuming and how ticket time must be kept to the lowest level. Vacuum sealing can help you prepare portions for sous vide cooking in advance so that you can serve your clients in a timely fashion without compromising on quality. Portioning is also ideal if you prepare banquets thus allowing you to save time. Time is money.

Vacuum packaging prevents cross-contamination of flavours and aromas and also facilitates product handling. As SMAAK machines are easy to clean thanks to their access panels, sanitation levels can be maintained to the strictest standards.

In short, vacuum packaging is a great solution for any business in the hospitality industry. If you have any questions or would like expert advice, feel free to contact us.